Our Story

When you go somewhere new, possibly for the last time, you want to make the most of it, right?

A few years ago, I had a near-death experience and an epiphany to travel around the world, solo for a whole year. I kept asking, what’s the iconic, authentic food I should have here? 

That was hard to find! Books were outdated, websites had way too much info, and hotel concierges often cared more for kickbacks from tourist traps than sharing genuine recommendations. 

50 countries later, I had a simple idea to house all my notes from my adventures and my friends' recommendations in an app so we could all use it on the go. 
A year into building Mamakoo, I was joined by my good friend Soy. We grew up in a small suburb in LA and have been eating together globally since 2005.

Our recommendations come from a select group of trusted, food-savvy locals (like the one or two in your circle of friends that you rely on for recommendations). We then connect with the restaurants and learn more about the great love and care that go into the food, regardless of their perceived size or popularity on social media.

Mamakoo is really about bridging the gap between these wonderful people who love and take pride in their homes, cultures and communities and our members who can at least momentarily experience it when they travel. Because ultimately, we believe that food is about bringing people together.

I hope you'll join us in exploring and bringing the world together through good food.

Founder & Chief Eating Officer