1. Is Mamakoo for locals or travelers?

While Mamakoo started out to help travelers with FOMO, we realize the food scene is becoming more globalized everywhere, and our dish-first approach helps locals too. After all, food is the easiest way to experience another culture, especially now that many of us are putting our travel plans on hold until the world is safe again.

2. How is Mamakoo different from Yelp?

+ We think dish-first. What to eat in NYC besides pizza? What other Korean food besides Korean BBQ? What other Thai food besides pad thai? What are the iconic dishes in Rome?

+ Skim through a shortlist of places that a food-savvy local is vouching for as their favorites. Where else can you get the iconic spots as well as hidden gems *off the eaten path*?

+ Each place is curated with inside scoop - no more reading dozens of reviews

+ Stay up-to-date on the fast-evolving food scene

+ Stop missing out on great food!


3. How does Mamakoo decide which restaurants and bars make the cut?

Rather than reviewing each restaurant or bar on its own, we at Mamakoo pride ourselves in connecting with food-savvy locals. A food-savvy local can apply to become a recommender and is vetted by Mamakoo team - this way, we understand their standards and preferences and trust their place recommendations.

We rely on food-savvy locals because they have the luxury of time to, for example, try 10 different taco spots to tell us their top 3.

Did you know? A striking 98% (!) of food travel experts said locals “need to know more about local food & drink traditions.” That's why we ask the food-savvy locals.


4. What cities does Mamakoo cover?


For a full list of our current cities and upcoming cities, please visit Mamakoo cities. You can also request new cities by filling out this form.


5. How do you decide which cities to cover next?

We decide the next cities based on a few factors:
How hot & trending is the destination?
Does the destination have a unique, exciting food scene?
Does Mamakoo already know food-savvy locals and their favorite spots?
Has the destination been requested by Mamakoo members?

We only publish a new city guide when we have 20+ places so you have some options to choose from.


6. Can I request new cities?

Yes, of course! Please fill out this form (10 seconds) and we will let you know when we have that city up on Mamakoo.


7. Why does Mamakoo ask members to sign up or log in?

For the best experience and full use of features such as liking and saving a place, we ask members to log in. Mamakoo does not share your information with any third party. Your login is kept strictly confidential, and we send you occasional email updates.


8. How does Mamakoo update the latest info?

We verify the latest hours and offerings directly with the restaurants through phone calls or most recent announcements.

We appreciate your patience as the hospitality industry tries to figure out the new norm during COVID-19 to comply with the mandates from the government health officials while providing a safe & enjoyable experience to patrons.


9. How are the places ordered in Mamakoo?

When you share your location, you’ll see what’s near you first. Mamakoo does not share your location with anyone.