"TechDay, One of the U.S.’ Largest Startup Events, Held in New York" by Japan External Trade Organization

TechDay, One of the U.S.’ Largest Startup Events, Held in New York

by Japan External Trade Organization


TechDay, One of the U.S.’ Largest Startup Events, Held in New York “TechDay New York 2019”, one of the largest startup events in the U.S., was held this year on May 2 at the large-scale Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. The expo has been held every year since 2012, with this year marking the eighth annual event. According to the sponsors, the first year saw 160 company exhibitors and some 3,500 attendees, whereas this year’s event had approximately 300 company exhibitors and nearly 20,000 attendees, reflecting an annual growth in the event’s scale and increasing public attention.

The exhibition hall was filled with numerous startups representing a broad range of fields, including FinTech and blockchain-related technologies, fashion, and lifestyle products. In terms of the nature of the busiJuly 30, 2019 nesses operated by the exhibitors, the companies that stood out were the startups which had developed consumer-oriented services utilizing mobile apps.

New York has a huge consumer market consisting of various ethnicities and cultures, and is considered to be a city where companies can easily try out new services geared toward consumers. A number of proposed services were on display which took advantage of New York’s unique characteristics. For instance, the sharing economy platform Rentah (headquarters: New York) provides a service that allows individuals to lend each other their idle possessions, as well as to request any goods they want to borrow via an app or on the web. Meanwhile, the curated foodie travel app Mamakoo enables those with gourmet tastes looking for popular cuisines to search for dishes and restaurants that are well known among the locals at their travel destinations.

JETRO Holds Pitch and Reverse-Pitch Events

The Investor Summit sponsored by JETRO provided a venue for bringing Japanese and U.S. startups and investors together. At the session, five Japanese startups with locations in Yokohama and other cities pitched their products and services, with the aim of securing funding from investors and large enterprises. CODE Meee (headquarters: Yokohama City) demonstrated its new service “CODE Meee ONE”, which employs AI to analyze users’ responses on the company’s website and SNS posts, allows users to select aromas optimally suited to their individual preferences and lifestyles from over 3,000 patterns, and makes monthly home deliveries. Large Japanese companies also made their own reversepitch, in which they conveyed their needs to the startups in order to facilitate new partnerships and business opportunities. Toray welcomed partnerships with startups that are engaged in fields such as cutting-edge manufacturing technology, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) encompassing wearable sensors.

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