Where to Eat in Bangkok - Market Meals, Fine Dining and Hidden Gems

Stalls, stalls, and more stalls -- that’s the sight that meets your eyes as you descend at one of Bangkok’s numerous street food markets. The vendor in front of you beckons you with a bowl of Pad Kra Pao Moo, a pork stir-fry served over rice, while his neighbor cooks savory Satay, grilled meat skewers, over an incredibly long grill. A rainbow of noodles made of rice flour, wheat, soya beans, and more on display catch your eye as your nose pulls you towards a fragrant Thai Green Curry. In a city like Bangkok, where you can wander through a market for hours and not even scratch its surface, we wouldn’t count on having just 3 meals a day!

Discover all there is to eat in Bangkok here!

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