Today I'm Grateful for... 🧡

Hello Everyone. It's Irene here. 👋
Saying 2020 has been a testing year would be a gross understatement. Running a startup in the food/travel space and watching NYC and then the world shut down before my eyes were not exactly encouraging.

But I was able to make the most of it because I had my health, and this Thanksgiving I’m especially grateful for the health of family and friends. (Never mind for now I’m looking ghostly pale from staying indoors so much.)

🍽️️ I’m grateful I got to check out some new restaurants in my area and support some of my favorites. Being part, albeit small, of one of the most dynamic hospitality communities in the world, I’m inspired by many chefs, restaurateurs and staff who are nimbly adapting to the new norm which is still changing. Adjusting the menu, implementing new protocols, herding unruly diners, dodging cyclists and aggressive drivers to serve outdoors, etc. sound like a major pain in the rear end so hats off to you.

🙌 I’m grateful that Mamakoo team took a step back to assess how we could evolve. We observed that regional travel would continue in the US and expanded our recommendations to cover more neighborhoods in NYC, Hamptons, Hudson Valley and LA. 
The result: our community has grown 3x! Special thanks to my co-founder Soy & our team for staying extra-motivated during this tumultuous time. Stay tuned as we prepare to launch Mamakoo 2.0 by the year-end.

Last but not least, I’m grateful for my husband, the unsung hero of his workaholic entrepreneur wife who quite possibly spends what little free time she has fawning at dogs on Instagram than at him. I’m so grateful you are my closest and biggest cheerleader.

🙏 Thank you all for being part of the journey. Happy holidays to you & your loved ones. 

🧡, Irene
Founder & CEO

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