The Best Restaurants in Miami - Trendy Spots and Local Gems

¡Bienvenidos a Miami! This warm, vibrant city is a treat for foodies from all over. The most prominent culinary influences in Miami are Latin American, but you can experience food from many different corners of the world in this incredibly diverse city. Of course, there is an abundance of fresh fish and seafood in Miami, so be sure to get your fix!

Miami has countless new and trendy restaurants, all perfect to start a night out before you hit the clubs to dance into the wee hours of the night.

Although you can’t go wrong with the modern and upscale restaurants, don’t overlook the hole-in-the-wall, local gems that have lasted for years in Miami. These restaurants offer the authenticity and charm we crave when getting to know a new destination.

Explore all that Miami has to offer here!

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