The Best Restaurants in Seattle - Local Favorites, Fine Dining, Specialty Cuisine

"My husband is a Seattleite and a seafood snob." Tells us Mamakoo founder Irene. So she asked, "What’s the difference between a $$ sushi which is perfectly fresh and delicious and the fancier $$$-$$$$ sushi?" Turns out the latter likely uses local ingredients as well as any specialty ingredients flown from Japan or other parts of the world.

Of course, sushi isn’t the only seafood specialty. A full gamut of casual to formal seafood-forward restaurants showcase the local assortment. How about fresh-shucked, creamy oysters, sliders with juicy oyster fritters, geoduck crudo with a gentle squeeze of lime juice, flaky fish & chips, or salmon chowder?

Explore all that Seattle has to offer here!

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