Mamakoo is 1-year-old today

Hi Everyone!


Mamakoo is officially 1-year-old today. 🎂


We still vividly remember staying up all night preparing for our launch event at TechDay 2019, the largest startup event in the US. We were furiously adding more content, fixing bugs and praying that Apple would please approve the app in time. We went live on the AppStore at 4:20am and it has been a blur ever since!


As I look back on the journey thus far, I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with so many of you and nurture this small but budding Mamakoo community. We couldn’t be here today without your love and support. Thank you!



We have since explored:


28 cities and more to come!

  • 17 available now: NYC, LA, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, Hanoi, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, Barcelona, Madrid, Basque Country, Lima, Buenos Aires, Mexico City
  • 3 coming VERY soon: Rome, Shanghai, Dubai
  • 8 in the works: Delhi, Taipei, Amsterdam, Amalfi Coast, Milan, Copenhagen, Jeju Island, Sao Paulo


200+ must-try dishes


1,200+ local recommended restaurants, bars & cafes



We are always here to help you wander with confidence and travel off the eaten path!!


In the meantime, 👉 follow our IG @mamakoo_ so you can sit back, relax and enjoy our virtual tours around the world. As always, we love hearing from you -


Until next time!

Mamakoo team 🧡

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