How to Travel to Your Dream Destination

Even if your plans have been temporarily grounded, Mamakoo has all that you need to create the perfect vacation right where you are.

  1. Choose your destination playlist from among Mamakoo’s vast selection of Spotify city playlists to set the mood
  2. Open the corresponding Mamakoo destination guide
  3. Immerse yourself in photos of delectable dishes and wander through the menus of highly recommended restaurants 
  4. Try not to drool on your keyboard as you search for flights!

Just like a tasty, authentic meal can get people thousands of miles away buzzing about a cuisine they’ve never tried, an iconic song can have people longing for a city they’ve never been to.

Mamakoo’s city playlists provide the perfect backdrop for exploring our detailed destination guides containing all the must-try dishes and restaurants that make every city special. Frank Sinatra’s Theme from New York, New York will have you itching to jump on the first flight out to NYC to try an iconic pastrami sandwich, while Louis Armstrong’s La Vie en Rose will give you a hankering for crème brûlée under the Parisian sky.

Every playlist contains famous hits and lesser known gems that truly capture the soul of the city; all you have to do is press play, open up your guide, and browse to your heart’s content.

Click here to open Mamakoo playlists on Spotify and explore your next destination, and here to find your destination guide.



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