How it all began

Hello, Mamakoo community around the world!


My name is Irene. I've met only some of you personally so I wanted to take time to introduce myself. 👋


I grew up in sunny Los Angeles and was fortunate to have lived in New York, Seoul and Hong Kong for work.


In 2016, I had a near-death experience. I thought to myself: Shoot, if I don't wake up after this operation, I would regret not having traveled around the world.


By January 2017, I was fully recovered and set out solo. At times I spent hours researching what to eat and where.


But when I didn’t spare so much time, for example in San Sebastian, Basque Country, I was so upset to find out that I missed out on txotx - the peak apple cider season - even after checking online and speaking with the hotel concierge!


After traveling for a good year or so, I settled down in NYC and started working on Mamakoo so that you and I don't have to miss out on the ultimate food experience wherever we travel.


Chefs on cooking shows talk about individual dishes. How come the star-awarding M-guide still judges Singaporean food, Middle Eastern food and Mexican food by French standards?


Why isn’t anyone talking about the dish to try when you fly 5, 10, >15 hours somewhere you might visit only once in your lifetime?


Maybe you have. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, the fact that you’re receiving this email means food is an important part of your travel and perhaps your life too. 🤗


We’re excited to share the juicy local tips – not only the dishes but also where to enjoy those dishes.


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Our hope is that with Mamakoo, you spend less time on Google Maps and more time savoring the moment. 😉


In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, traveling has become tricky. During this time, we’re focusing our efforts on gathering more local intel remotely for existing and new destinations. Alongside many companies in the US, we began working from home as of this week.


I hope you and your loved ones are eating well and staying healthy and virus-free. 💪


Take care. Thanks for being part of Mamakoo.


🧡 Irene


P.S. Picture of Irene & Señora llama at Machu Picchu

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