Black Lives Matter through food - 5 soul food you must know

soul food black lives matter blm

Two days ago, we shared a Google map of black-owned restaurants with just 5 cities in the US. That list now covers restaurants in 20+ cities worldwide (link in bio)! Thanks for sharing it and sending your input! 🙌

The Google map was great for getting the info out quickly, since we do take longer to curate places in Mamakoo app.

But we were so busy covering non-American food cultures that we missed something precious at home in the US. 😅

Today we want to share a bit about soul food because it embodies how black people have risen above difficult circumstances. ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾



soul food blm black lives matter


What is soul food?

Traditional African American cuisine dating back to the sad days of slavery on cotton, corn, rice, sugarcane and tobacco plantations in the Deep South.


Black folks combined cooking techniques from their African heritage, a new thing or two from Native Americans and the plantation crops to create sumptuous and nutritious dishes to soothe their mind, body and soul.


Soul food is the embodiment of how black people have risen above difficult circumstances.


corn bread soul food blm black lives matter


1. Cornbread

Corn was native to the Americas and introduced to Africa by the Portuguese. When Africans were forcibly brought to the US, they recognized the corn that native Americans were using. The two groups connected over corn and shared cooking techniques & dishes 👉 cornbread.



fried chicken soul food blm black lives matter


2. Fried Chicken

How is southern fried chicken special? It's double-dipped in buttermilk and fried in nutty peanut oil on cast iron for an extra crispy crunch!



collard greens soul food blm black lives matter


3. Collard Greens

A cousin of kale, the Mediterranean collard greens were brought to the Americas with the first Africans in the early 17th century. Braised in a savory meat stock with smoked ham hock or turkey leg, these collard greens are delicious & tender. (They are BFFs with cornbread.)



mac and cheese soul food blm black lives matter


4. Mac & Cheese

Though brought by British settlers, Mac & Cheese became popular during the Great Depression for conveniently feeding the masses with nonperishable dried pasta & processed cheese. The Southern-style is extra creamy!



gumbo soul food blm black lives matter


5. Gumbo

Did you know the name gumbo is derived from "ki ngombo" (= okra in West African languages)? Okra adds nutrients and works as a thickener in this deep, rich, flavorful soup. 🦐🧅🍲



We're reviewing local recommendations of black-owned restaurants and will be adding them along with these soul food dishes in the app.

Be safe & eat well!

Mamakoo team


soul food blm black lives matter

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