Anthony Bourdain taught me to look beyond the food on my table.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Hanoi ObamaPhotographs by William Mebane for The New Yorker (


"Anthony Bourdain was the first inspiration in my foodie life to quit commercial top-10 restaurant lists, venture off the beaten path and start conversations with people when I was studying in Paris 5 years ago and officially started my world travel.


Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

I discovered Parts Unknown in search of restaurants in Paris because it was so difficult to find real local experiences in such a touristy city. Despite the language barrier, I was inspired to ask waiters, restaurant owners and locals dining on the next table for regional specialties and restaurant recommendations, and to be honest, the places they suggested were the most memorable ones in my journey in Europe.

Obama Anthony Bourdain Vietnam Hanoi

By engaging in locals who excitedly shared their culture with me, I learned to see beyond what's on my plate and behind nice pictures. I thank Anthony for what I have become to believe, value and honor in my traveling foodie life, especially as a member of Mamakoo, where we share not only dishes and restaurants, but also the stories behind them.


Anthony Bourdain Hanoi Vietnam Parts Unknown

Just as he made us “a little less afraid of the unknown,” Mamakoo team is eager to share the stories of food, ultimately stories about people, their history and culture. In our app, check out "Parts Unknown" tag to follow Anthony Bourdain's delicious journey around the world :) "

-👧🏻🧡 Soy, Co-founder of Mamakoo.

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