🍦 What's the Difference? Ice Cream vs Gelato vs Helado

Ice cream gelato helado difference


🧡🍦Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Ice cream, gelato, helado.

Are they different?

gelato ice cream helado

Gelato is typically made with whole milk and eggs and not whipped with air so it’s quite dense.

Ice cream is made with whipped cream so it’s fluffy.

Helado, which means ice cream in Spanish, is extra special in Argentina and falls somewhere between Italian gelato and American ice cream.

Helado is made with eggs (instead of cream) but it's whipped, yielding a nice density like gelato's but doesn’t drip down like ice cream.

 ice cream cone gelato helado

Some Argentinean helado flavors are specifically from El Calafate, Argentina's southern Patagonian ice field. The Calafate flavor is made from "Calafate" berry and it is lightly sweet, fruity and refreshing!

When in Argentina or other Spanish speaking countries, try a flavor or two before getting your own scoop.

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